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Hugh Mc Ginn - Building Surveyor

At Brady Hughes we have a multidiscipline team. It is very important to us here to keep up to date with New Building regulations and investing in our team is also of paramount importance. Continuous learning ensures our clients get the best possible outcome for their project from a motivated qualified Engineer or Building Surveyor. Hugh Mc Ginn has worked with Brady Hughes for the past 4 years. Qualifying with a degree in Building surveying from Napier University in Edinburgh Scotland in 2010. Hugh recently graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Post graduate Diploma in Fire Safety Practice. We asked him to tell us a little about the course:

What is the name of the course?

Diploma in Fire Safety Practice (Buildings and Other Structures)

When did you start?

September 2017


How many in the class?

20 people with a mix of architects, engineers, Fire Safety Engineers, Fire officers and building surveyors.


What type of backgrounds in the class ie engineers, building surveyors, planners etc.?

Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Architectural Technicians, Health & Safety, Dublin Fire Brigade


What is interesting you the most?

The science behind the development of fires and how they react in enclosed environments. The human response to fires, alarms, warnings and how it affects the design, layout and management of a building.


Is it intense?

Yes, a huge number of notes, not to mention 2 large projects throughout the year and additional reading.


How many hours per week?

Friday nights 7pm – 10pm and Saturday mornings 9.30am – 12.30am (Including study and projects this it adds to about 20 hours average a week)


What’s it like to study in Trinity?

I enjoy it, I never thought I’d get to chance to study there. Lecturers are very good and class mates are all very professional, friendly and helpful people.


What course would you like to do next?

There is a Fire engineering course in Ireland and one in England if I choose to go down that path.


Have you been able to apply your leanings in your work so far? 

Yes, I have redesigned/reformatted our fire safety cert compliance report to include additional information which I feel will help assist the fire officers